Saturday, August 06, 2016

I'm in love....

So July finally arrived and Lorelle's due date was near.  I had pre-booked tickets to fly to Winnipeg in hopes that her baby would cooperate :)  It turns out baby would arrive by C-section and my flight was booked for the day after baby's scheduled appearance.

Emmaline Kennedy Cavers - our first grandchild - and she is just perfect.  I spent a week helping and cuddling this amazing little girl.  Henry joined me for the last weekend I was there and we enjoyed Uncle Jake and Aunt Rita's hospitality.  I can't wait for their visit in September!

Summer 2016

Somehow I didn't manage to take too many photos this summer.  Vincent played T-Ball - he loved it but it was a bit painful to watch :)  We managed a few hikes - this one we did on Memorial Day - Whistle Lake near Anacortes WA.  It was not too difficult but absolutely beautiful & peaceful.

CCS Jr/Sr Trip - D.C./NYC

This past April I had the amazing opportunity to chaperone Alec's Jr/Sr trip to the East Coast.  We visited Baltimore Harbor, D.C/Virginia, Pennsylvania & NYC.  It was difficult to chose just a few photos - we saw so much it is almost a blur.  We had amazing weather - not too hot and were hosted by wonderful people.    Here's just a few photos.

Christmas 2015

Lorelle & Jake visited for Christmas - we managed to go up Mt. Baker & to the Ocean on a nice day. We were thrilled to learn they were expecting a baby in July and we were to be grandparents for the first time!!! 

Vincent Goes to Pre-school

Here's a few pictures of Vincent's first day of pre-school at Ebenezer Christian School.  He got on the bus at Isaac's house and went three mornings each week.  It was the highlight of his week & he had the most amazing teachers.  One of the field trips they took were to the pumpkin patch.  We also went to another pumpkin farm for his birthday party.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Deboer Family Reunion - August 2015

So before it's a year since my last post I thought I'd post a family reunion picture from last August.  Such a great thing to be able to get together with everyone - and so hard for those that had to leave to go back to homes far away!  Till we meet again!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Trip to Ontario - Mom & Dad's 55th Anniversary

After the long but very quick drive home from Winnipeg we had a bit over a week to prepare for a long weekend family trip to Ontario for my parent's 55th anniversary.  After much planning we finally had plans to be together as an entire family.   It didn't work quite the way we planned as Yonson had to return to Indonesia but it was a wonderful time together.  We flew from Seattle to Detroit and drove the 4 hours to the Niagara peninsula.  The first day we spent with my Mom & Dad and our immediate family in Niagara Falls & Niagara on the Lake.  What a beautiful area - it's been many years for us and for some of our family it was the first time there.

We are so thankful for God's care over Mom & Dad these many years and we marvel at his faithfulness through the generations.  It was so fun to see the great grandkids playing together - even some playing with the little grandkids.  I'll post more pictures later - there was an Open House for extended family at my brothers under a big tent.  The following Monday was a Canadian holiday so we had a family day with brunch, games, activities and dinner to follow.  The weather was gorgeous & it was so hard to say goodbye to several family members who were leaving the next day.  God be with us till we meet again!

The Big Day!

So here's a few favorites from the wedding.  It seems like a long time ago but it's only been a couple months - loving the trip down memory lane.